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Welcome at Coven De Beer.

Our Coven is named "De Beer" as we are resident of the Dutch island of Rozenburg. Once this great island was actually a reservation for birds, called "De Beer". This island is in the middle of Rotterdam harbour. This exclusive part of the coast with it's splendid dunes, valleys and dune forests was doomed to disappear to make place for the Rotterdam harbour. There is a small piece left and it's named "De Kleine Beer" (The Little Bear). Unfortunatly this place is not open for public. We found however a small place where no sand is unturned, but where Mother Nature has claimed her own right to show us again how "De Beer" must have looked in past times.

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  • The Birch and the Bear as pioneer...

    We love this small piece of nature an we made it our ritual place. Un several occasions we perform earth-healing, as this place really needs all our love and attention. We also constructed a small Stone Circle which is used by the coven to meditate. Our tree is the Birch as it grows here as a pioneer tree.

    When the valley behind the first row of dunes does not flow with salty water during tides, a pioneer forest begins to appear. The first bushes are willows, which can survive in this kind of valley. Then comes the Birch which stays around 20 up to 30 years. After the Birch the forest can grow to it's full potential. It's the power and strenght of the Birch which is attractive to us.

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  • The Magnusian Tradition lives on...

    This is the reason we feel connected with Bear and Birch. On the spiritual level I was from childhood on active and during a visit at the Native Americans I was advised by a person named "Beer"(!) to have a look at the Wicca. So I came to know Magnus, author of the books "I am a Witch (Ik ben een Heks) en "Craft of the Witch (Heksenwerk"). Magnus teached me all I needed to know. As Magnus was close with the Greencraft Tradition I decided to honour this friendship once Magnus joined the Other Side. The Greencraft is a group I feel good at home with. Our Coven is led by me and my partner who joined the Wiccan Path 4 years after me. We have 9 full members and 3 trainees. At this time we accept no roedies.

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