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Making the right choice...

A lot of choice,yes, but most books tell the same story.Looking for a beginners book? A work for advanced Witches? A historical work? Beginning with "Witchcraft Today" (Gardner - 1954) might seem logic, but reading this book might resuls in disappointment. The Mother of wicca literature can actually be only understood by those knowing Gardner. Who considers as well the spirit of time the book is writen in. And to those accepting "Witchcraft Today" has become a work with historical value only. Also the known and respected Scott Cunningham is today not anymore the expert in Wicca he once was. Both authors deserve however a nice place on a Wiccan book shelf.

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  • Most important, the budget...

    You can enter a bookshop and find nice books.But please have a look at second hand sites as well.Kapaza is known for it's books. One can also go to Damme, a small city next to Bruges known for it's used booksshops. And for other countries, nice hearing from you...Let us know, please! And you can also visit used marchandise markets. You never know.

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  • Some toppers...

    The White Goddess - Robert Graves
    Het Hermetisch Museum: alchemie en mystiek - Alexander Roob
    De wereld van de Engelen - Marco Rocdevick
    Iron John - Robert Bly
    De Grove of Dana: Bardic Course - New Order of Druids
    Entering the Forest - David Dom
    A Druid's Herbal - Ellen Evert Hopman
    De Oude Belgen - Ugo Janssens
    De Wijsheid Der Druïden - E. Coarer Kalondan
    Witchcraft - Vivianne Crowley (Greencraft top)

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