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Welcome at Training Group Ceall Dara

Ceall Dara (contact) is the old Irish name for Kildare.In this place the fires of the Goddess Brighid are kept burning. We choose this path as we are both connected through our same month of birth, by Hedera and Eagle. The Path of the Star is connected with the Godess Brighid. This made it obvious to choose a name in relation with this fact. So came Ceall Dara. Hedera Helix. The Latin "Hedera" has probably to do with "holding", strangulation "ghea", but Hedera was as well the name of the sanctuary of the God of Extase and Wine, Dionsos/Bacchus. The name "Helix" means "spiral". The hedera gives us inspiration to hold on to what is important to us and to set us free of what is opposing us on our path. The powers of Hedera will heal and protect us. The Eagle is symbol of divine power. Of all animals the Eagle can fly highest in the heaven. Able to watch the world from extreme heights. The Eagle is often referred as Eye of the Sun. The Eagle learns us we have to see life as a whole, with bright and dark sides. This training group is formed from Coven Eburon and is situated in Heerhugowaard. People desiring to join us are invited for an Intake.

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    Heerhugowaard is a place and city in the region West-Friesland in the Dutch province Noord-Holland. Historical seen Heerhugowaard belongs not to Kennemerland, but to the civil interoperable region Kennemerland through Noord-Kennemerland. The contempory Heerhugowaard is formed by joining small villages Zuid, De Noord and t'Kruis, by which in first instance Zuid disappeared into Heerhugowaard. 't Kruis joined in the 90s. Only the southern part of De Noord went to Heerhugowaard.