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Welcome at Coven Eburon, Clan of the Boar.

At least once a month we meet at the sacral open place in the darkened forest. There, in the shadow of the giant Ash, we will meditate an practise Magick. This ash is Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, Which feeds, connects and cherishes all living creatures through it's branches. He's on the Path from Mars to Jupiter and forms a balance between fighting spirit and power. It is the Path of Justice where the Celtic Kreiddylad reigns: giving in abundance but also vigilant. She's associated with the Greek Goddess Nemesis and when needed she does not hesitare the handle the Sword of Justice with firm hand. Under the Tree of Life the Boar is digging in the Earth. He finds things unimportant to others, but he doesn't stop searching until finding the truth. Invisible he is between the brush wood, but as soon he's threatened he changes in a dangerous adversary.

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  • A coven filled with Magickal Activity...

    Coven Eburon has above all respect for nature and all kinds of living creatures. The natures magick we practise is from the ebnergy from stones,trees, power animals, herbs and the astral energy of our physical body. The search to ancient wisdom and forgotten knowledge is our passion as is the study of mysterious occurances and places.

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  • Coven Eburon for spiritual growth.

    We have a lot of attention towards meditation and the personal spiritual growth of our coven members. Our circle finds it's base on trust, friendship and unity in the group. This is very important to us. Sabbats ans Esbats happen always outside when possible, in the woods, under the moonlight, although we form our Temple just where we gather. We are based in Halle-Zoersel, in the green of the Kempen. We have 8 members. Lessons are followed in group or through correspondace, but an intake is always required.

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