Licensed Greencraft Traditional Alexandrian Craft Wicca

Welcome to the F.A.Q. of the Greencraft.

Which language is used to write the site?

Toran used HTML5 with CSS3.

Which software was used?

Bluefish HTML5 editor under Debian Linux.

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  • How can I on-off the music player?

    The music player is situated left under each page.On the player one sees a circle top-left. Clicking in the circle puts the player on-off.

    I put the player off, but the music keeps on playing?

    The player works on almost each page. Control of other pages are open and close them.

  • faq2
  • Why this music player?

    First as the Greencraft communicates with the profane world.Through Radio arcadie we support the heathen performing artists. We love heathen Wiccan music and by leaving our page open you can listen to heathen music all day. Also we are invited to use the promotional possibilities of Radio arcadie. Not that we use, but the offer is there.

    Is the Greencraft Wicca a commercial Tradition?

    All money is transferred back to our member witches.The coven is free in asking a membership fee with a minimum of 10 euro annually. Of course, if the covenleasrs buy ceremonial things like candles, they might charge in the membership fee. In doubt, ask during the Intake. During the Intake the functioning of the coven can be explained. By tradition the fee is always very democratic and we have never received complaints of abuse.

  • faq3
  • I want membership of a Greencraft Coven not mentioned on your site...

    All licensed Greencraft Covens are mentioned in our scroll-dawn menu.A non-licensed coven is never allowed to call "Greencraft".
    Please report to us.We take fraude seriously.

    I follow a training in a non-greencraft coven which uses the Greencraft Instruction.

    Our material is licensed and may only be used inside our Greencraft Tradition.
    PLease contact us in doubt.

    Lots of mistakes against English language?

    Sorry for that. Corrections are welcome, but this webmaster is a native Dutch speaking Belgian...