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Welcome at the Greencraft Training.

Some witches were initiated into the Craft of the Wise by their own family.This family can be either part of an old witch-lineage that managed to keep traditions alive, or simply a family that is active in the more modern branches of witchcraft.Some people seek a Wiccan environment because they have had strange experiences, e.g. foretelling through dreams, clairvoyance, or similar phenomena.Sometimes people come to us from a different religion, or even from a completely non-religious background.

Some witches claim to have known they were witches from early childhood. Others discover Wicca through newspaper articles, talk shows, documentaries or books on the subject. Strangely enough, no matter what the background and the initial motivation, they all seem to have one thing in common: the feeling of ‘finally coming home’. They have a sensation of déja vu when reading about the rituals, and some seem to remember things long buried in their subconscious. If you are interested, you can find some book titles listed in this website. These may clarify things for you, and give you some indication of whether or not Wicca is something you might like to try. Many beginners feel they should explore and experiment by themselves, at first. They seek contact with Nature and her Elements. They go out into the woods, for instance, and try to feel the energy, and then try to use it.

Some will bump into a teacher on their personal journey, while others might choose to join a group. Joining a coven is not always easy. Wicca is not a converting religion. Witches do not have any public temples, and often it’s quite difficult to find a coven in your neighborhood. Moreover, the active covens do not admit just anyone. They will try to keep away those who are simply up for a kick, juicy gossip, orgies, magical powers in order to manipulate others, or anything of the sort. No well-meaning coven will admit someone they do not feel has pure intentions. A coven needs to be convinced that you are ‘suited’ for Wicca and that Wicca is right for you.

Covens will always refuse initiation of minors, unless maybe they have been reared as Wiccans since childhood by their own family. There are a certain number of organisations in different countries which provide workshops, seminars on the subject of Wicca, etc. and which can also get you into touch with Wiccan groups. Some covens also organize their own open discussions and training courses. So anyone who is interested can find out whether or not Wicca might appeal to them. You can also find books and magazines on the subject of Wicca and Paganism in general. The admission procedure into a coven will depend largely on the tradition of that coven. Usually, admission involves an initiation ceremony. This can take place no sooner than after one full year and a day of training. Becoming a coven member means you step into an existing group of people. It is important that you feel comfortable with the group. Even in Wicca, you can occasionally run into some unscrupulous character who portrays himself as a spiritiual leader, in order to manipulate others. Always use your common sense when choosing a coven. Groups who make you feel uncomfortable should be avoided. It’s always better to work as a solitary, than to become a member of a group you distrust.

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  • The Greencraft Training.


    There are Wiccan training programs in the USA,the Netherlands and Flanders (in Belgium). The Greencraft branch of the Alexandrian Tradition is mainly active in Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA, where it offers Wiccan training. The basic training takes one and a half years. There is a monthly class covering the history of witchcraft and the basics of Wicca as a belief system and a magical system. After eight sessions, those who remain have the option of requesting a neophyte initiation. After this initiation, neophytes are allowed to participate in all Sabbats and will receive additional lessons, covering the rituals and customs of witchcraft in greater detail. After another eight lessons, the neophyte can apply for full initiation and admission into the inner circle of the coven. Acceptance is never certain.If the coven is already full, for example, the neophyte will have to be patient. In some cases, another coven will have to be found. A coven which is willing and able to accept new members. If you are interested in Greencraft training or would like to find out about other possibilities, please consult our address list or apply for the correspondence course.

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  • The Greencraft Intake.

    The introduction begins with an interview during which we explain our worldview and what the training is all about.The Intake is also the time when the candidate can ask the first questions. During the first part of the course the candidate is called "roedi", meaning "rough stone". Monthly there is a lesson during which the history and the essence of Wicca as a religion is taught as a magical system. The course takes an average of eight months. Upon completion of the course, those interested can request to become Neophyte, which requires a ritual of initiation of the candidate. After this initiation the neophytes may attend all Sabbaths and a new course is started where more goes into detail on the Wiccan rituals and practices and where the candidate gets closer acquainted with the symbolism of Celtic Tree Calendar and Celtic Tree of Life. After a minimum of one year and one day the neophyte can ask a first-degree initiation. Only then one becomes full member of a coven and can also attend the Esbats. The first-degree works in a coven, studies the cosmology of Wicca which also elaborates on the meaning of the Power Animals. One learns the deeper symbolism the Greencraft Tree of Life and all other traditional magical techniques.

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  • A good beginning ...

    It is not always certain that the requests for initiations are going to be accepted. If the coven is not training group or if the group is complete, the neophyte will beed to be patient. The Greencraft will search other groups in order to solve the problem, but this can take time. Also if people are still searching, they might not have decided yet if they want to work in a coven or be solitarian. But you can at least find all the basic information yourself by buying books on esotericism and more specifically Wicca or by research in the library. And of course you can also search through the internet. The last 15 years a lot has changed and there are many good books nowadays. We recommend wholeheartedly all books of Vivianne Crowley to begin with. On the internet you are going soon to discover that the amount of information is so huge it becomes difficult to make a choice. Use your intuition but also your common sense.

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  • Finally...

    Finally, there is the correspondence course by which you will be assigned a mentor and where you can apply the Neophyte Initiation after its completion. Sometimes it is not possible to find a coven immediately but often we succeed though in the course of, or after the course. Wiccans with coven experience may for whatever reason at some point even give preferance to continue as solitarian. People who are looking for a coven but have not yet been able to, remain solitary. The solitarians in the Greencraft Tradition finally have a "bond" with each other and meet each other sometimes on a tree walk. They can participate in the annual Greencraft Coven Convention or other "Greencraft Events", but they do just not belong to a coven.

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  • Responsable Witch Greencraft Training: Bram Greencraft.

    Bram knows what he is talking about concearning the Greencraft Wicca. He has experienced almost everything. He likes visiting other covens on his "tour". All covens are happy to receive him as a guest. Bram is the living proof a Greencraft Wiccan can be perfectly happy being Greencraft an solitarian. Well, Bram has a love in his life, being the mistletoe. The pictures here are made in his garden, where he grows his treasures.

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