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New t-shirts and hoodie

Witches do it in the woods!
Sizes: bust women T-shirt XL: 96cm
Available in the sizes: S, M, L, XL
Bust Hoodie XL: 110cm. Sold in the sizes: S, M, L, XL
Chest men T-shirt M: 110cm
Available in the sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Prices: T-shirts: € 13 Hoodie: € 35 (only on order and on enough demand.)
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With the order and payment before the GCC 2015 the order will be delivered as "primeur" on the first day of the GCC.
Our bank: see down each page.
Message T-shirts: T-shirt (m or f)+ measurement + wiccaname.
Message Hoodies: Hoodie (m or f) + measurement + wiccaname.

Great for beginners.

It's possible to purchase the Info Booklet of the Greencraft Tradition. The booklet was achieved by Hera & Arghuicha and Aria & Amor. Here you will find a thorough explanation about Wicca , as well as the various Wiccan Traditions, Rituals and how you can follow a training to Greencraft Wicca. The whole is 18 pages long, illustrated with color pictures and bound with rings in a plastic cover. The booklet is available for the price of 6 Euros (excluding shipping costs). Free shipping when you purchase on our open meetings.

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UPDATED !! : The brochure "Labyrinths" (Sacred paths on your spiritual journey) by Hera & Arghuicha and Kara & Lupus. Here you will find comprehensive information about labyrinths back: cultural-historical, mathematical and spiritual. This is a very interesting and comprehensive work, written by specialists in the field, and consisting of 40 pages with color illustrations and bound in a cover with rings. It is available for the price of 9 Euros (excluding shipping costs).

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Het Greencraft Tarot Boek

Do you own a Greencraft Tarot, then you can buy the English Greencraft Tarot Book, written by René Delaere. The Book has a detailed explanation of the different cards and different paths of the Tree of Life. Also the Trees Calendar and various Power Animals are explaned. Complementing at the back is included the Greencraft Numerology and the Magic Squares. It is a paperback edition with a beautiful colored and plasticized cover and includes 226 pages, complete with pictures of the cards. The Greencraft Tarot Book is on sale for just 25 euros, excluding shipping costs. Just for Greencrafters. Please state your witches name and coven in the Message.

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The Greencraft t-shirt

The Greencraft T-shirt is for sale with the Greencraft logo for the bargain price of 12 Euro! (Excusief shipping) The logo is central front on the T-shirt. This is a simple unisex model and can be bought in white and black with a green print, in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. This is a basic garment for anyone who follows or supports Greencraft Tradition!

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T-shirt Treehugger

The Treehugger T-shirt is a unisex model (Fruit of the Loom) in a nice olive green color with front center imprint and Treehugger Tree in black.(For Pagans with a sense of humor!) Price: 14 Euros (excluding shipping costs )

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The Greencraft CDs

Greencraft presents the Greencraft CD's, self-published.

SOLD OUT:Pathworkings I en Pathworkings II :

These are the pathworkings (meditations) which are needed to the Neophyte Training of the Greencraft. So you can home in peace to experience the pathworkings again.
They are in Dutch and each CD contains two pathworkings
CD1: The Hermit and The Star + The Moon Castle
CD2: The Elements + The Goddess
They are sold as a set for the price of 15 Euro (excluding shipping costs)


Pathworking that an acquaintance met with the four elements.In Dutch. Price: 15 Euros (excluding shipping costs).


Elements of Invocations, Power Animals and Directions,along with the vocal mantras. Price: 15 Euros (excluding shipping costs).


The Trilithon with 13 trees of the year (Manual Trees Walks) by Kara & Lupus, Hera & Arghuicha.
It consists of 153 pages with illustrations of trees.
Supplemented with 2 Chants:
-Children Of the Sun and Moon
-Fayah Sithong (stone dancing)
Price: 15 Euros (excluding shipping costs).
Only for Leaders and helpers of the Greencraft Tree Walks.


-The story of Arghuicha and Holger's Pilgrimage to Scotland: 45 pages of text by Arghuicha, illustrated with 235 photographs. -Pictic Symbols:19 pages -The Cassini Hypothesis: 9 pages -Addition 3 audio files:. Laments for Scotland (Lamentations for Scotland) The lyrics are both in Dutch and in English. Price: 15 Euros (excluding shipping costs)

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