Licensed Greencraft Traditional Alexandrian Craft Wicca

Welcome to Coven Wanu Pura.

Amid the Hageland in the province of Flemish Brabant you can find a clan of the Elder in the Labyrinth of the Dragon with the White Panther on our side.

We ourselves are from a coven in Antwerp and although Wiccans often traverse the whole country with pleasure to honor Mother Earth together, yet we found that there was a need for more spiritual experience in our own region. Greencraft Tradition has put his first steps in Flemish Brabant when we started in 2003 in the month of Willow with our first Greencraft tree walk in the Hageland.

Soon we caught the flavor so that we started to train a first group of enthusiastic roedis. Meanwhile Wanu Pura evolved into a close-knit group of like-minded people to experience together this natural and mystery religion. Wanu Pura is very attuned to the Nature-energy. Outside the typical Greencraft material we immerse ourselves in particular in working with herbs, the energy of the human, the magic of stones, trees and ancient sacred places. We try as much as possible to celebrate our rituals in the wild.

What does the name "Wanu Pura» mean?

Wanu Pura is another name for the moon goddess Mama Killa of the Incas in Peru. She appears as a silver or sometimes gold disc containing human faces. It is said that all Peruvians descended from Her. Her father is Viracocha, her husband or brother was the sun Inti and the earth goddess Pachamama is her daughter. She is presented as the mother of Manco Capac I, the first ruler of the Incas. On earth she was represented by the wife of the king. Wanu Pura is the patron goddess of all married women and oversees weddings and holidays. She is responsible for the passage of the time, the wheel of the year. She mastered the calendar and sets the rituals that come with it. Wanu means "new moon", Pura means "full moon". Wanu Pura stands not only for the lunar cycle, but also for the perpetual cycle of life. Wanu also stands for the inspiration, the idea, the will before the creation. Pura for the event, the materialization. Wanu Pura is also the manifestation of the energy cycle of life (Pura) and death (Wanu) and is therefore also for "transformation" which we attach so much importance to.

The labyrinth as symbol of Wanu Pura.

The symbol of Wanu Pura is the 7-pathed or Cretan labyrinth. It is an universal symbol encountered over the world,in different cultures and time periods. For the Hopi Indians the seventh-pathed labyrinth stands symbol for Mother Earth. The labyrinth stands for transformation. At the inward movement it is as were to go to your death, your own silent core, for contact with the Other World. In the center you come in touch with the Other World, you gain insights and you can get healing and nutrition. In the outward movement you are born again, you undergo a transformation and enrichment and come back into this world as a "reborn new man!"

Among the Elder.

The Elder - Ruis - is symbol of the 4 Aspects of the goddess;

white blossoms: Virgin.
lush, green foliage with unripe berries: Mother
black, ripe berries: Old Wise.
in winter, bald, whimsical skeleton:Hidden Aspect of the Goddess, hidden power of the feminine.

If you look at the Elder frow an esoteric view, here you come again to this transformation.In the Greencraft Tradition it is the path of the Elder "between worlds" on the Tree of Life. She connects this world with the Other World. In the Greencraft Tarot Sheis the White Goddess of the card, in the Raider White She is the card of Death. Sounds grim, but this is not at all the case because the card of Death symbolizes transformation. It is the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. For the Celts each day began with the night and each new life arosed from death. It signifies a new beginning.From Death comes Life, from Life comes Death.

In the Labyrinth of the Dragon.

In Greencraft Wicca each tree is linked to an animal. In the case of the Elder it is Dragon. There are many kinds of dragons. Our Dragon is a Water Dragon. The Elder keeps a movement of this world into the Otherworld. To reach this Otherworld we need the water. Think of the mythology of Avalon. But also to "The New World" explorers. Deep in the mysterious underwater caves houses the Dragon. Dragon is monitoring access to the Other World. They can be our enemy when we have no business there, but they can also be our ally if our quest is justified. Dragon carries us on his back and takes us where we would never get without help.

With the White Panther on our side.

It does not really belong to the tradition, but one of the typical characteristics of Wanu Pura is the fact that we have, outside the obligatory "Greencraft covenanimal" , also have a power animal. The meaning of a power animal is mainly dealing with typical characteristics of that animal. These characteristics can translate into their esoteric meaning. Panther belongs among the felines. Despite the fact that it is smaller cat, it is still brighter than a lion or a tiger. This is partly because the panther has over 500 voluntary muscles that they can use at any time purposeful and powerful. As a power animal this versatility and the ability to incorporate a wide variety of tasks both mentally, physically, mentally and spiritually and to perform these tasks with focus and power, The panther has very sharp senses, sharper than that of a lion or tiger.

Binocular vision: As a power animal, this means a greater depth of vision of life, events, environment etc. instinctively react. As a power animal, this means the gift of "inner knowing", intuition and the ability to trust on it. Very sharp hearing: Signals from another dimension, can be collected from the Other World with relative ease. Panther has a very sensitive skin (compare it with the whiskers of a cat, but distributed throughout the body). As power animal it brings the gift of "sensitivity" and increased energetic sensitivity.

Panther is in her element in darkness.So it is also linked with the hidden, with the moon and lunar forces, but also with the dark period of the year: winter and the North. Also, the Elder is connected to the North. What lives within us, hidden gifts - but also hidden gifts - are brought to the surface. Awareness! In mythology Dionysus weaned by a panther and some pictures show his chariot is teared by panthers. Dionysus is the god of life, spirit, passion, rebirth and resurrection. Panther also stands for the power of transformation, the chance to be born again. But also for the task to first face this transformation to see which aspect has been ignored or denied in ourselves. This process is also called "the meeting of the Guardians of the threshold" which is a clear agreement with the Dragon!

Through the whole process Panther stays with us:

the road to the inward movement in the labyrinth.
Of meeting our true core, our deep silent I. Our meeting with the Dragon.
The way of rebirth and outward movement from the labyrinth.

During this process the panther provides protection and strengthens our self-discipline.

Why a White Panther? The color "white" is a symbolic color. This power animal bears all the hallmarks of an ordinary black panther in itself, but the emphasis on the color "white" refers to the fact that we want to put extra emphasis on the ethereal aspect,the pure energy and divine aspect of the totem animal. By this color assignment the Panther is, like the Dragon, a mythical animal, connected to the Dragon, the Elder and the labyrinth.

Tree Walks.

What fascinates us so much to the Celtic Tree Calendar

It's hard to describe, but as natuurspiritist you can actually only have admiration for the long time bond that people have with trees. The energetic appearance, the symbolism and the esoteric meaning of trees fascinates us immensely. People and trees, the band is a little repressed, hit as it is in our society by the materialistic interests, yet it seems that the general respect for nature in recent years gradually increased back.

We have always been very fascinated by the magic of and in nature. This is obviously one of the elements that have brought us to Greencraft. When Arghuicha started a few years ago with tree walks in Hulst, we were therefore netween the first ever to partivipate.

The trilithon, the connection with the tree of life with animals and deities fascinated us so that we started with tree walks around Saille itself in 2003 in the Hageland. Our personal interest extends to the purely botanical and herbal aspects and all the old folklore around each tree.

All these aspects are discussed on the tree walks and in this way we hope to make our contribution to the growing awareness of the magical in nature around us. More practical information on all the tree walks can be found on this site. For walks in the Hageland you can also send an We really hope that like-minded during these walks will be touched by the Goddess who surrounds us all.